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Café Vergnano

Café Vergnano 1882 Original 250gr

Café Vergnano 1882 Original 250gr

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Café Vergnano 1882 Original 250gr

Composition: Arabica and Robusta.

The Original blend is delicate, aromatic with a fragrance of fruit and honey and features a mildly acidic flavor. The presence of a considerable quantity of the finest selections of Robusta gives the coffee a chocolaty aftertaste and a rich body.

The extract of the Strong blend has a compact crema, hazelnut in color, with dark veins and hints of grey, creating a tiger stripe effect.

Featuring an intense caramel aroma, very strong full-bodied blend with balanced acidity. Prepared with the best origins of Central American and Asian Arabica as well as African and Asian Robusta which provide a long-lasting chocolaty aftertaste. The crema in the cup is compact with strong dark brown nuances.
The blend is suitable for those who like intense, strong espresso. African Robusta has a pleasant aftertaste of dark chocolate.

Aroma: 5/5

Body: 3/5

Sweetness: 4/5

Intensity: 3/5

Roundness: 4/5

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