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Manual Espresso Machine Gaggia Viva Prestige

Manual Espresso Machine Gaggia Viva Prestige

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Manual Espresso Machine Gaggia Viva Prestige

STAINLESS STEEL BODYWORK: An ergonomic design with high quality materials that ensure long-lasting performances.

PRESSURIZED "CREMA PERFETTA" FILTER HOLDER: The special pressurized “crema perfetta” filter holder guarantees a consistent delicious crema, whether you use ground coffee or pods.

EASY AND USER-FRIENDLY INTERFACE: Just a twist and Viva Prestige is immediately ready to deliver impeccable espressos or steam to prepare a creamy milk foam.

STAINLESS STEEL CLASSIC PANNARELLO: The same approach as the traditional barista with the stainless steel Classic pannarello that delivers steam to froth milk or hot water for teas.

STAINLESS STEEL CUP WARMER: The stainless steel cup plate benefits from the warmth produced by the machine and keeps your cups always ready.

GROUND COFFEE AND COFFEE PODS: Gaggia Viva Prestige comes with a filter for 1 or 2 cups of ground coffee and a special filter for pods, if you prefer pre-dosed coffee.

15 BAR PUMP: Thanks to the 15 bar pump, the water is pumped through the ground coffee at high pressure to ensure better-tasting crema-topped espresso.

Model Gaggia Viva Prestige
Dimensions 200x265x297mm
Voltage / Watt 230V/1025W
Water tank capacity 1lt
Pressure 15 bar
Weight 4,7 kg
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