Cereal Energy Bars with Tahini 20pcs

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Cereal Energy Bars with Tahini 20pcs
Cereal Energy Bars with Tahini 20pcs
Regular price €35,00 EUR
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Box of 20 pieces

Weight 40g (each cereal bar)

Healthy choice – Nutritional treasure

  • They strengthen the digestive system and cause the feeling of satiety
  • Immune enhancement
  • Rich in Vitamins, Minerals & Antioxidants
  • Only 126 calories per bar

    Energy Bars with tahini, honey, nuts, dark chocolate, aronia, sea buckthorn.

    Sesame seeds provide many nutrients, but are difficult for the body to absorb because of the hard outer wall (seed hull). Eating sesame paste (tahini) allows the body to better absorb these nutrients. 30 grams of sesame seeds contain three times more iron than the same amount of beef liver.

    Sesame in combination with cereals, honey, nuts, but also sea buckthorn and aronia, create an explosive flavor combination.

    The nutritional benefits of the tahini bar, thousands, intertwined with another tasty superfood, dark chocolate.

    • It makes a satisfying snack or meal replacement
    • It offers energy and wellness
    • It elevates the taste
    • It helps with good nutrition
    • Its pure and many ingredients contribute to the good functioning of the body.

    Ingredients : Cereal mixture 35% (Oat flakes (contains GLUTEN), raw sugar, cereals (corn, wheat, rice, wholemeal flour (from wheat, rye and malt), cereal flakes (corn flour, wheat, sugar, malt syrup, coconut flakes, sunflower oil, salt), honey 16%, ALMOND NUTS 14%, dried aronia 10%, dark chocolate 9% (cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, emulsifier: SOY lecithin, flavoring: vanillin, cocoa solids), tahini 6% (contains SESAME), glucose syrup, puffed rice (rice, dried blueberry, sugar, barley malt extract (contains GLUTEN), salt), HAZELNUTS 1%, PEANUTS 1%, dried sea buckthorn 0.3%, salt,
    flavorings : The product may contain traces of: MILK, SOY, GLUTEN, SESAME, PEANUTS AND NUTS IN SHELL

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